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Safeguard drains, sewers and septic systems, as well as treatment facilities from the acidic condensate produced by condensing boilers, water heaters and furnaces. Protect home and the environment with Neutra-Safe’s high-performance condensate neutralizers, neutralizing pumps, recharge kits and system feeder. Popular models include the CN2-220, CN2-300, CN4-600, CN4-850, CN4-1200, CN4-2000, NSP-50, NSP-600, CN5TR, CN6T and NSSF6-2.




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What Is Condensate?

Condensate is produced after the transition of a gas into a liquid due to a drop in temperature or pressure. In the case of burning natural gas in a high efficiency boiler, furnace or water heater, this condition occurs when the temperature of the flue gases starts to drop below 130°F. This condensate is made up of several ingredients and will generally have a pH of between 2.9 and 4. As such it is considered to be acidic and can cause serious damage to piping systems, sewerage systems, treatment facilities, septic systems and other items it may come in contact with. Many communities now insist that this condensate be rendered benign before it enters the common drainage system. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the addition of a condensate neutralizer.

How Does A Condensate Neutralizer Works?

The acid neutralization takes place when the acidic solution comes in contact with the media. The calcium carbonate in the media changes the solution into water, CO2 and various salts which tend to collect in the bottom of the tank or tube. All lime and limestone (marble) contains different percentages of calcium carbonate so making totally accurate capacity statements is not realistic. The pelletized lime is more consistent but turns to mud and eventually solidifies.

Why Is It Essential Every Condensing Appliance Includes A Condensate Neutralizer?

A fully condensing appliance can produce condensate at the rate of approximately .75 gallons per hour per 100,000 BTU’s. Apart from the fact that most if not all plumbing codes prohibit the disposal of acidic waste without treatment, untreated condensate can cause serious damage to drainage piping and fittings. While condensing gas equipment condensate is acidic, it is the amount produced that is of concern. Condensate from these appliances can produce hundreds to thousands of gallons per year depending on size and operating hours.

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