Taco – Pumps, Circulators, Hydronics Accessories & Controls

Taco Comfort Solutions, a Taco Group Company, is a family-owned American manufacturer of HVAC heating, cooling and plumbing products. Popular products include the legendary "00" Series Circulators (006, 007, 008, 0010, 0012 & 0015), the "00e" Series High Efficiency Cirulators (006e, 007e, 0015e, 0018e, 0026e & 0034e), 4900 Air Separators, SR and ZVC Relays, Air Vents, Mixing Valves, Zone Sentry Zone Valves, Low Water Cutoffs, Viridian, Heat Exchangers, 1900 Series Pumps, 1600 Series Pumps, 2400 Series Pumps, FI Pumps and many more.

Website: http://www.tacocomfort.com/



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