Training & Education

Plumbing, heating and HVAC are constantly evolving trades. As equipment becomes more sophisticated, education on latest and greatest developments becomes more important. Also, as new individuals enter the trades they need to learn the essentials so that they can become proficient, competent and profitable. This is why Emerson Swan offers training courses throughout the year on various subjects from the basics of hydronic piping to trouble shooting modulating-condensing boilers. Training courses are system oriented and primarily focused on the installing contractor, but there is always something to be gained for engineers, designers and wholesale distributors.

We want to help you to understand how systems work so that you can do the job right the first time, maximize profits and reduce call backs from unsatisfied customers.

Basic Electric 101

This seminar is about basic electricity and low voltage controls. If you are intimidated by electricity or just don’t get it, this is for you. We will explain series and parallel circuitry. Ohm’s Law and the relationship between volts, amps, watts and ohms will be taught. Various electrical components such as transformers, relays, zone valves, and multiple controls will be thoroughly explained. You will learn useful information such as compatibility between Honeywell and Taco controls. Outdoor reset and priority zoning will also be discussed. The attendee will gain an understanding of basic electricity and controls used in the heating industry. This course will be of value from the beginner to the experienced technician.

Basic Hydronics 101

This seminar will explain how heat is transferred from water to air. Convection, conduction, and radiant concepts will be covered. An explanation of the components of a heating system and their relationship to each other will be given. The course covers boilers, pressure reducing valves, relief valves, expansion and compression tanks, air scoops, Vortech air separators, flow checks, integral flow checks, pumps and circulators, zone valves, and Venturi tees. The relationship between BTU, GPH, and Delta T will be thoroughly explained and some “rules of thumb” explained. The concept of “pumping away” and why it should be utilized will be explained in depth. Near boiler piping including by-pass location will be studied. Proper piping techniques will also be covered; series loop systems, 2 pipe direct return, 2 pipe reverse return, mono-flo, and primary/secondary piping.

EPA Refrigeration Certification Exam

Emerson Swan's lead trainer Kevin Shea is a certified proctor for the EPA exam. If you would like to obtain your Technician Certification live and in-person rather than online, please register for one of our upcoming exams in Randolph, Massachusetts.

Domestic Hot Water

This seminar will explore traditional methods of generating domestic hot water; including tankless coils, tank style heaters, plate exchangers, and indirect water heaters. We will look at some common errors made in equipment sizing and selection and then apply it to some examples. There have been many new developments in hot water heating in the last few years. We will take look at some of these new technological advances such as instantaneous water heaters, solar, heat pumps and hybrids to see where the industry is going for the next generation.

System Water Quality

Water is the lifeblood of a hydronic system. There are unseen forces of nature at work inside the system that have been going on as long as we have been installing system but they have not been a major problem until now. When we remove the old cast iron boiler and replace it with a low mass condensing boiler, the chemistry experiment that has been going on inside the system can have an adverse effect on not only the efficiency of the boiler but the life expectancy as well. In this proactive seminar, you will learn the effect of galvanic corrosion on the system components and what you can do about it. We will see actual samples of system water and how dissimilar metals react. We will also learn how we can test the water to find out exactly what the conditions are so we can treat them.

Online Webinar Series

If you're unable to attend one of our many in-person training's held throughout the year, we have you covered with our online webinar series. These exclusive webinars are each approximately 1-hour long in duration and subject matter varies. We're sure you'll find something educational and helpful. New webinars will be added often.

Kevin Shea

Kevin Shea was practically born into the heating industry. He grew up in the 70’s & early 80’s, working for his family’s oil business in Eastern Massachusetts. In 1983 he graduated high school and enlisted in the U.S. Navy to become an electrician. He returned to the family business in 1987 and using his Naval training in electronic troubleshooting and HVAC systems controls he built a service department that quickly earned a reputation for technical excellence. His success as a Service Manager stemmed from his commitment to consistently providing the best training for his employees. Schedule a training with Kevin Shea.

Schedule Your Own Custom Training

Interested in having us come to you with our mobile training center? We can do that! We teach on location at wholesalers, contractors and engineers in the New England market. Get in touch with us and let's set something up!

Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall began his career in the heating industry in 1968 as an oil truck driver in South Boston. From there he went onto become a heating service technician, independent heating contractor and oil company owner. In 1987 he began teaching oil burner technology at New England Fuel Institute. Then in 1992, he went to work as a boiler company representative in Eastern Massachusetts. During that period he gained a reputation as a “hands-on” instructor. In 1998, he went to work for a pump manufacturer covering all of New England and New York. He developed a training program to teach technicians pump technology. In 2005, Bruce joined Emerson Swan as the Training Coordinator.

Engineering Summit

Our annual Engineering Summit has gone virtual with online classes. We were joined by experts in the trade from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. You can replay the full courses for free below. Each class is around 1 hour in length.


The HVAC Know It All Podcast is hosted by Gary McCreadie. Emerson Swan's Garett Selestow and Darren Wilkinson of Vexo International were guests on the podcast and discussed closed loop water treatment systems, how to set them up and maintain a healthy system. They also discussed the X-Pot system and how it works. Listen to the podcast.