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HTP (Heat Transfer Products) is the industry leader in quality high efficiency boilers, indirects and water heaters for both commercial and residential applications. If you specify or install high-efficiency boilers and water heaters, you probably know about HTP's condensing boilers, with their fully modulating and load-matching, ultra-low-NOx burners that deliver AFUE ratings well in excess of 90%. If you specify or install indirect water heaters for domestic hot water applications, no doubt you’ve come across SuperStor, especially the stainless steel Ultra model that carries a lifetime warranty. Popular models include Elite, Elite FT, Elite Ultra (ELU), ELX Commercial Boilers, Combi Units (ELU, UFTC), Pioneer, UFT, Mod Con, Phoenix, Everlast (EVR, EVC), Everlast Elevate, SuperStor Ultra (SSU), SuperStor Ultra Max (MSSU) and SuperStor Contender (SSC).


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