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Emerson Swan provides training throughout the year for industry professionals. Whether you are looking to get back to basics or are in the need of more advanced technical training, we are here to help.

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Basic Hydronics

This seminar will explain how heat is transferred from water to air. Convection, conduction, and radiant concepts will be covered. An explanation of the components of a heating system and their relationship to each other will be given. The course covers boilers, pressure reducing valves, relief valves, expansion and compression tanks, air scoops, Vortech air separators, flow checks, integral flow checks, pumps and circulators, zone valves, and Venturi tees. The relationship between BTU, GPH, and Delta T will be thoroughly explained and some “rules of thumb” explained. The concept of “pumping away” and why it should be utilized will be explained in depth. Near boiler piping including by-pass location will be studied. Proper piping techniques will also be covered; series loop systems, 2 pipe direct return, 2 pipe reverse return, mono-flo, and primary/secondary piping.