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Emerson Swan provides training throughout the year for industry professionals. Whether you are looking to get back to basics or are in the need of more advanced technical training, we are here to help.

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Watts Radiant Floor Heating & Snow Melting


Watts Radiant Logo

Watts is a leading name in the field of radiant floor heating and snow melting solutions. The team at Emerson Swan is well versed in radiant heating systems and can assist installers on all technical aspects of radiant heat designs.

Watts Radiant, Inc., a division of Watts Regulator Co. combines the best technologies available from Europe & North America. With thousands of innovative products, tools and materials, they’re able to provide more efficient, cost effective radiant solutions for homes in the Northeast.

Their experienced engineers use proven software to design radiant floor heating and snow melt systems. Through Watts Radian’s software equipment sizing is optimized to deliver warm floors for homes, and return on investment for businesses. Whether your project is a residential or commercial system designed for comfort, or an industrial system optimized for energy savings, Emerson-Swan and Watts Radiant have trained staffs with years of experience to help you with your next radiant heat system.




About Radiant Heat

In a resting position the human body will produce about 400 Btu's/hour. This is about 300 Btu's more than we need to survive. In order to "feel" comfortable, we need to shed these extra Btu's. A heating system is a mechanism is which we control the rate excess heat is lost. The slower we lose heat, the warmer we feel. In order to heat a space, something within that space has to be warmer than the desired space temperature (hot to cold). In a forced air environment, the air coming from the duct is between 120° and 140°, assuming a 72° desired room temperature. In a radiant floor system the floor temperature is between 72° and 85°, assuming a desired 68° room temperature.