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Vent Rite Valve Corporation



Vent-Rite Valve

Vent Rite #1 Valve


Vent-Rite #1 Air Elimination Air Valve VentRite No 1 for Steam Radiators: Vent Rite has been supplying high quality steam and hot water air valves to home owners, public buildings, institutions and industry for over fifty years and continues to enjoy a reputation for reliability and excellence. Vent-Rite #1 Air Eliminator Valves Ventrite 1 for Steam Radiator Vents Rite: The Vent-Rite #1 air valve has been designed to eliminate air in any one pipe steam radiator system as quickly as possible to insure rapid and efficient heating. It will open and close all pressures up to 3 P.S.I. Do not use at system pressure above 10 P.S.I. This air valve is easily installed its standard 1/8' male connection makes it interchangeable with practically any other valve. It is fully adjustable, enabling the user to balance a system with a minimum of effort. Vent-Rite #1 Eliminates Air Steam Venting Air Valve Vent Rite No 1: Type: Air Valve. Mfr/Model No: 1. Connection: 1/8" Male. Vent Port: 3/32". Operating Pressure: 3 psi. O.A. HT: 3 1/4". Use For: Free Standing Radiators. One Pipe Steam Radiator System. Description: Adjustable Angle Vent. For venting basement mains use the VENT-RITE 35, 75 or 77 air valve.

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