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Quiet-One Kickspace Heaters by Smith's Environmental Products

Kickspace Heaters from Smith’s Environmental Products are designed to provide a unique yet purposeful solution to those “hard-to-heat” areas. With four sizes to choose from, the Quiet-One 2000 Series offers great flexibility and units can be matched more precisely to the demands of the job site.

The Quiet-One 2000 offers high BTU output at low decibel levels. Maximum BTU output from a small footprint is the hallmark of the Quiet-One 2000 products. This ensures maximum utilization of floor and wall space in such rooms as kitchens and baths where space is at a premium.

Quiet-One 2000 Series kickspace heaters have a highly efficient heat exchanger with low water content which allows the built-in thermostat to respond quickly, saving fuel (because it only operates when the boiler is on) while supplying warm air throughout the kitchen. The combination of the “High E” heat exchanger and a low power motor and a fan with “easy glide” sleeve bearings ensures low electrical usage (equal to a 40 watt light bulb).


The Smith's Quiet-One Kickspace Features:

  • Energy efficient (peak performance at low temperature)Quiet One Kickspace
  • Whisper quiet, low noise, low vibration fan
  • Four sizes to choose from
  • Installer friendly (no screws required)
  • Certified performance
  • Fits in those hard to heat areas
  • 5 year warranty


Quiet-One Kickspace Literature

Quiet-One Kickspace Brochure
Quiet-One Kickspace Install Manual


Feature: Small compact kickspace heaters in five different sizes
Benefit: Will fit in most tight places or hard to heat areas, just use your imagination!

Feature:  The KS2004, KS2006 and KS2008 have the same dimensions
Benefit: Means they’ll fit in any cabinet or vanity which is 14” or larger.  They’re also interchangeable in case the installer makes a mistake on the heat loss and needs to install a higher capacity unit.

Feature: Attractive appearance with additional grilles available in chrome, white and gold
Benefit: Molded end caps and epoxy coated grille finish gives a pleasing, high quality appearance. 

Feature: Air vent comes installed and bleed port is accessible through the front of the unit
Benefit: Reduces install time and makes unit easy to vent when filling system

Feature: Fully enclosed unit
Benefit: Cabinet protects all sensitive internal parts including the fan coil.  Ensures proper air supply to the fan and coil

Feature:  Anti-vibration, anti-slip chassis with rubber isolators
Benefit: Once the grille is attached the unit is stationary, eliminating tortional vibration and any chassis to floor contact

Feature: Installation and parts label affixed to the top of the unit
Benefit: Instructions do not get tossed and a parts list is always available

Feature: Template provided on the back of each Quiet One carton
Benefit: Easier, quicker installation

Feature: Each unit has serial number and date code printed on the label
Benefit: Simplifies inventory management and warranty claims

Feature: Whisper quiet fan assembly
Benefit: Low noise, low vibration means quiet delivery of BTU’s

Feature: Easy glide, permanently sealed, permanently lubricated, Teflon sleeve bearings that can perform under high temperature conditions
Benefit: Rugged low drag design means longer life to the fan motor assembly

Feature: Fan and motor assembly comes apart
Benefit: The motor and fan are detachable and the bearings are replaceable making for easy, inexpensive repairs

Feature:  High pressure fan wheel and scroll
Benefit: Rated to tolerate higher static pressures which result from dust, animal hair, sawdust or other foreign matter lodged in the coil

Feature: High spec motor with temperature cut-out protected to latest UL/CSA standards
Benefit: Cooler operation and longer motor life

Feature: Highly efficient header-design coil fully oriented to the air stream
Benefit: Higher BTU/hr output with quick response in a smaller footprint package

Feature: Tested to UL, CSA and RTS standards
Benefit: All units carry the UL label

Feature: Separate junction boxes for wiring and electrical service connection
Benefit: Installer only needs to remove one screw to make L1 and L2 connections. 

Feature: Quality product, built to last with a 5 yr warranty
Benefit: Ensures reliability and supports the quality of the unit