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Insulation Solutions, Inc. creates cutting edge insulation, building products and accessories for a variety of industries. The design and ingenuity of these products reflects our mission: to change everyday building challenges into practical solutions using science, research, and technology. Our solutions help create and sustain energy efficient and weather protected homes and buildings.



Insul-Tarp: Insul-Tarp® is a patented revolutionary product like no other on the market today. Its lightweight, Space Age design integrates closed cell foam and an aluminum reflective material with a protective poly coating all within three, thin layers. Insul-Tarp is your answer for under slab insulation in residential, commercial and agricultural use.

Tarp Sizes

  • 4' x 50'
  • 6' x 25'
  • 6' x 50'
  • 12' x 25'
  • 12' x 50'


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Insul-Tarp is available in multiple roll sizes which allows for quick installation and fewer seams to be taped. While other insulation products require the subsoil surface to be lowered and leveled, no special preparations are needed to accommodate Insul-Tarp. Learn more.

Space Age: Space Age® Reflective Insulation is a lightweight, pliable insulation that contains no scratchy, harmful fibers. Learn more.

Quip Clips: Quip™ is a patented, revolutionary radiant tubing clip that saves time and money. No more crawling on your hands and knees trying to thread zip ties. Learn more.

Viper Barier: Viper® VaporCheck® is designed to help builders control vapor and moisture infiltration in homes and buildings. The cross-woven polyethylene vapor barrier is engineered with superior puncture resistance and tensile strength. Learn more.

Radiant Shield: Radiant Shield® is a white, high-density, polyethylene cross-woven fabric with aluminum laminated on one side, providing a strong tear resistant material. It can be used wherever a radiant or vapor barrier is desired, including post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings and residential attics. Learn more.

Topper: Topper™ Concrete Curing Blanket uses patent-pending technology to protect freshly poured concrete from the harmful effects of bad weather. Constructed from laminated layers of polyethylene and bubble material, it is water resistant and durable, yet flexible and lightweight. It also has the ability to keep concrete warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, ensuring a proper cure. Learn more.

Wraptor: Wraptor® is a breathable cross-woven polypropylene House Wrap that helps prevent wall sheathing from soaking up moisture that gets behind the exterior cladding (vinyl siding, brick, etc.). Learn more.

White Poly Tape: Polyethylene coated tape designed for use with Insul-Tarp® and Space Age® (white poly, bubble, bubble, foil). Learn more.


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