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Haier Ductless Mini-Split Systems

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Haier duct free split air conditioning systems make a practical and attractive choice for both residential and light commercial applications. Designed for permanent installation in spaces that do not contain existing ductwork, Haier units provide efficiency and convenience. The condenser is placed outside the building and the evaporator or air handler is installed on an inside wall. The units are connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical lines through a hole in the wall which you do not see.

All Haier models are AHRI certified and tested through ETL. Matched indoor and outdoor units ensure a comfortable indoor climate without having to sacrifice peace and quiet. Features and functions such as Energy Saving Inverter Technology, dehumidify, sleep mode, 24-hour timer, auto reset, a self-cleaning evaporator and others allow for custom comfort at the touch of a button. All models come with an easy to use remote control and Haier's Intuitive Air, which redirects the flow of air according to a person's location in the room.

Haier Multi Split SystemsHaier Mini Split Systems

Every Haier 16 SEER, 17 SEER, 18 SEER and 20 SEER mini-split and multi-split system air conditioner use inverter technology. This technology allows you to achieve the optimal temperature and maintain it while reducing the use of energy.

The inverter simply controls the compressor motor speed by eliminating the start and stops phases and makes the compressor run easier. The benefit to you, use less energy, a quieter compressor which means a less noise in your room.