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Alfa Laval

Efficient temperature control is essential to achieving a pleasant indoor climate in homes, offices and public facilities such as hospitals, hotels, sports centers and shopping malls. The challenge is to achieve the ideal temperature while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and paying attention to environmental issues.

Alfa Laval is the leading supplier of heat exchangers for heating, cooling and air-conditioning and many of the world’s famous buildings use our heat exchangers to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

The company’s gasketed and brazed plate heat exchangers have become key components worldwide for district heating and cooling, central heating and cooling of individual buildings as well as domestic tap water or swimming pool heating.

District heating and cooling are continuously gaining ground due to their energy efficiency. In district heating, heat is generated in a central boiler plant and transferred to several buildings through pipes. A wide range of sources including combustion of oil, natural gas, biofuel and geothermal sources provide the heat. Our heat exchangers play a vital role in enabling efficient heat transfer between the two systems.

Our plate heat exchangers in a district cooling network act as both a means of transferring a cooling effect to air handling units and, for very tall buildings, as pressure interceptors between the main network and the local system inside each building.

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