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Training & Education

Emerson Swan provides training throughout the year for industry professionals. Whether you are looking to get back to basics or are in the need of more advanced technical training, we are here to help.

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Training & Education


About Our Trainings:

Plumbing, heating and HVAC are constantly evolving trades. As equipment becomes more sophisticated, education on latest and greatest developments becomes more important. Also, as new individuals enter the trades they need to learn the essentials so that they can become proficient, competent and profitable. This is why Emerson Swan offers training courses throughout the year on various subjects from the basics of hydronic piping to trouble shooting modulating-condensing boilers. Training courses are system oriented and primarily focused on the installing contractor, but there is always something to be gained for engineers, designers and wholesale distributors. We want to help you to understand how systems work so that you can do the job right the first time, maximize profits and reduce call backs from unsatisfied customers.

Course Levels

Beginner: Great for beginers, new employee's or for those seasoned pro's who need a refresher. Our most popular level.
Intermediate: The next step up from beginner. Perfect for those with some experience or who want a little more than the basics.
Advanced: Best for those who are experienced professionals. Good for people seeking technical training.

Please look at each course description to find the level.

About Our Trainers:

Bruce Marshall: Bruce began his career in the heating industry in 1968 as an oil truck driver in South Boston...(read more)
Kevin Shea: Kevin was practically born in the heating industry. He grew up in the 70's & early 80's, working for...(read more)

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