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Emerson Swan provides training throughout the year for industry professionals. Whether you are looking to get back to basics or are in the need of more advanced technical training, we are here to help.

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Watts TRITON Pipe Fusion

Experience the TRITON Pipe Fusion system from Watts—a revolutionary new plastic pipe welding system that will change pipe joining forever—and accelerate your business into a new dimension.


Watts TRITON Unit

  • TRITON enables pipe joining and pressure testing in minutes (instead of hours)
  • TRITON welds can be completed by one person, reducing required manpower
  • TRITON creates a safer work environment—no exposed heating elements, no adhesives with VOCs, no exposed flame
  • TRITON outside diameter welds offer unobstructed flow and decreased pressure drop, reducing overall system cost
  • TRITON is ready to use in minutes—no waiting for exposed heating elements to heat up
  • TRITON uses less energy than conventional pipe joining technology


Get the brochure here.