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PEP Filters Sand Media Filters

The PEP Media Filters are a self contained filtration system that uses a mixed media sand bed. Typically this is a sand media supported by gravel. While the vast majority of the filtration occurs on the surface, the bed provides depth, which increases filtration efficiency and life cycle between backwashes.

A PEP system can be used in a full flow or side-stream mode as well as a single or multi-pass filtration system. Typically on a cooling tower application it is used as a side-stream multi-pass system. This method of filtration allows the unit to operate completely independent from the system flow, thus it can filter and backwash when required without any consideration for upsetting the process. At the same time the process fluid becomes cleaner and cleaner as the process fluid makes multiple passes through the media. In the full flow mode, where 100% of the process flow is going through the filter, we need to consider the impact of the backwash cycle on the process.

The standard media in the PEP filter is a Unigran 55. The filtration efficiency of this media based on a single-pass flow rate of 20GPM per square foot of surface area is 90% removal by volume of 5 micron and larger solids.

The PEP Media Filter product offering includes the SMF fiberglass vessels, the HMF carbon steel high-pressure vessels, the BMF high flow systems, the IMF high efficiency systems, and the CL closed loop system.

BMF Media Filters

CL Closed Loop Media Filters

HMF2 Media Filters

IMF Media Filters

SMF2 Media Filters