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Ouellet Electric Heating

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Ouellet is a leading manufacturer of electric heating equipment. They serve the residential, commercial, architectural and industrial markets throughout North America.


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Ouellet RBH Electric Baseboard

RBH Electric Baseboard: The all new RBH baseboard heater has been designed specifically for the US market. More compact than any other heater while offering several standard foot length models. Featuring high quality construction, aesthetic design, fast and easy installation and reliable performance, this new baseboard heater will outperform any other heater on the market. Learn more>>

Ouellet OAC Electric Wall Heater

OAC Electric Wall Heaters:The OAC heater provides a burst of heat in areas affected by cold drafts. Designed for residential, commercial and industrial use, the unit can be recessed or surface-mounted. Powered by a closed factory-lubrificated motor, the fan blows warm air downward to create air circulation. Learn more>>

Ouellet OHY Electric Thermostat

OHY Electric Thermostat: The Hybrid heater combines the quiet operation of convection heating and high power boost capabilities of fan heaters. Its digital control provides easy operation and precise temperature control. A cast aluminum front cover featuring the elegance of a Morelli design makes the Hybrid the toast of any bathroom. Learn more>>

Ouellet OHV Commercial Electric Cyclone Unit Heater

OHV Commercial Cyclone Electric Unit Heater: Developed to target the larger commercial and institutional markets, the Cyclone unit heater offers a number of special features such as a draw-through design, egg-crate discharge air diffuser, individual adjustable louvers, and an attractive contemporary design. Learn more>>

OAE Economical Unit Heater

OAE Economical Electric Unit Heater: The OAE heater is ideal for workshops. This unit heater comes complete with mounting brackets for ceiling or wall installation. Learn more>>

Ouellet Electric Thermat Floor Heat

OTM Thermat Electric Floor Heating System:The Thermat floor heating system provides comfort and well-being through radiant heating. By heating the floor itself instead of the surrounding air, the system provides indirect heat that radiates from the floor up and is absorbed by surrounding objects, Thermat produces enveloping heat that is also clean, cost-effective, uniform, and constant. Whether it is used for additional comfort or as a primary heat source, Thermat is a safe and "green" heating solution that harnesses the benefits of radiant heating, a process that occurs naturally in nature and has long been under-utilized in the industry. Learn more>>