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Emerson Swan provides training throughout the year for industry professionals. Whether you are looking to get back to basics or are in the need of more advanced technical training, we are here to help.

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Geothermal by Modine

Residential and light-commercial geothermal systems, such as Modine's geothermal product line, harness the renewable thermal energy stored in the Earth (ground source) or just below the surface of a large body of water (water source). This energy is then used to deliver forced-air heating and cooling, hot and chilled water and dehumidification to residential and commercial spaces.

Modine Geothermal

Modine Geothermal Water-to-Water (Model GH/EH)

A high efficiency, eco friendly reversible and non-reversible hydronic system that provides superior hot and chilled water performance for both residential and commercial applications. Available in 2 to 6 ton sizes, this unit is engineered exclusively with the green, performance enhancing refrigerant R410A and integrates the most advanced user-friendly controls available on the market today. Learn more>>

Modine Geothermal

Modine Geothermal Water-to-Air

A high efficiency, eco-friendly forced-air heating and cooling system designed as the ultimate comfort solution. 1.5 to 6 ton units are offered as packaged, split condenser, split air handler, and packaged water source units. Learn more>>

Modine Geothermal

Modine Geothermal Combination (Model GC/EC)

The Combination series provides the same forced-air comfort of the Water-to-Air series, along with the ability to use hydronic heating for radiant floors, domestic hot water, pools/spas and snow melting capabilities. Learn more>>

Modine Geothermal

Modine Geothermal Split Condensing (Model GS/ES)

For those looking to add geothermal HVAC solutions into new or retrofitted locations, split systems are now available. Both the air handler and>> condenser sections can be easily installed and they are Energy Star-rated when paired together. Available in 2 to 6 ton sizes, Modine has five medels to choose from. And like all other units, the Orb controller is standard. Learn more>>