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Training & Education

Emerson Swan provides training throughout the year for industry professionals. Whether you are looking to get back to basics or are in the need of more advanced technical training, we are here to help.

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Marathon Heaters

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Represented by Emerson Swan in Pennsylvania only.

Another line in Emerson Swan’s renewable energy stable is Marathon, featuring the Logwood brand of solid fuel burning furnaces and boilers.

Marathon Heaters Logwood Boiler

With the global pressure on oil and the increasing doubt of the supply and cost of heating fuel, different needs for Multi-fuel heating arise. Not only is the cost savings of solid fuel over oil/gas/electric the issue, self-sufficient families want the choice of whether or not to use oil/gas/electric. They also want to have the ability to cut their own firewood or burn coal and not be held hostage by rising fuel costs. Logwood has a line of multi-fuel Furnaces and Boilers to cover their needs.

All of Marathon’s products are proudly made in the USA.
Quality and abundant features are what Logwood is all about. Protect your family from ever increasing heating costs. Invest wisely, choose Logwood.

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Logwood Boilers

Also check out Taco’s durable 2400 Series high capacity circulators. Designed to handle the rigors of a wood fired boiler application these pumps are a must-have component for any wood fired boiler system, Click Here.

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