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Emerson Swan provides training throughout the year for industry professionals. Whether you are looking to get back to basics or are in the need of more advanced technical training, we are here to help.

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 General questions regarding Emerson Swan and this website can be directed to:

Emerson Swan, Inc.
300 Pond Street
Randolph, MA 02368
Tel: (781) 986-2000
Fax: (781) 986-2028

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 6:00PM

Warehouse Pick-Up:  Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 6:00PM

Warehouse Receiving:  Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 2:00PM


Please click on the departments below to view our full employee directory:


Joseph E. Swan – Chairman
George Simas III – President & CEO
Anne Kelley – COO & CFO
Meryl Monaco – Executive Secretary

Email Distribution Heating Orders To:

Distribution Heating Sales Manager
Jim Simas – Sr. VP Distribution and Applied Products Heating Sales

Distribution Products Inside Heating Sales
Bruce MacDonald – Manager DP Inside Sales
Michael "Cap" Belleville – Inside Sales Plumbing & Heating
Chris “Skip” Belleville – Inside Sales Plumbing & Heating
Rob Laham – Inside Sales Plumbing & Heating
Joe Savignano – Inside Sales Heating
Matthew "Mel" Melberg – Inside Sales Heating
Mike Belleville – Inside Sales Heating
James Mullaney – Inside Sales Heating
Bill LoSasso – Inside Sales Heating
Carol Ferguson – Inside Sales Heating NY
Debbie Samardak – Inside Sales Heating NY
Ryan Graham  – Purchasing & Warehouse Management MI
Doris Lawrence – Project Management MI
Ed Zysk – Inside Sales Heating MI
Gus Bosselman – Telemarketing CT

Distribution Products – Outside Heating Sales
Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

Frank Melberg – Regional Sales Manager
Todd Daniels – Wholesale & Trade Sales – VT
Mike Hanson – Wholesale & Trade Sales – NH
Tom Protasewich – Wholesale & Trade Sales – ME, NH, VT

Greater Boston
Mike Fandel – Wholesale Boston & North Shore, MA
Denis Chisholm – Wholesale South Of Boston & Cape 7 Islands, MA
Mike McGinty – Trade Boston & North Shore, MA

Eastern/Southeastern MA & Rhode Island
Christian Frattasio – Regional Sales Manager
Dave Marcotte – Wholesale Central MA
Jake Cayea – Wholesale & Trade Eastern MA

Connecticut & Western MA
Christian Frattasio – Regional Sales Manager
Dino Malespini – Wholesale CT
Jeff Quickel – Trade CT

New York & Northern New Jersey
Al Hanson – Regional Sales Manager
Bill Billman – Wholesale & Trade Buffalo
Eric Cushing – Wholesale & Trade Albany
Kevin Cocca – Trade Sales NJ
Adam Farrell – Wholesale & Trade Northern NJ
Mark Ammann – Trade NYC & Long Island
Joe Adornetti – Wholesale NYC & Long Island

Western Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia
Michael Carr – Regional Sales Manager
Kim Ziner – Wholesale, Trade & Part Time Inside Sales
Garett Selestow – Wholesale & Trade
Mike Mazzarese – Wholesale & Trade
Brent DeVoss – Wholesale & Trade
Bryce DeVoss – OH Warehouse/Inside Sales

Mary Jordan – Regional Sales Manager
Jeff Baier – Wholesale, Trade
Kyle Tevault – Eastside Sales Engineer
Chris Readle – Westside Wholesaler, Trade

Email Distribution Plumbing Orders To:

Distribution Plumbing Sales Manager
Bob Oppel – Sr. VP Distribution Products Plumbing Sales

Distribution Products – Inside Plumbing Sales
Bruce MacDonald – Manager DP Inside Sales
Anna O’Brien – Inside Sales Plumbing
Mary Beth Pajak – Inside Sales Plumbing
Michael "Cap" Belleville – Inside Sales Plumbing & Heating
Chris “Skip” Belleville – Inside Sales Plumbing & Heating
Rob Laham – Inside Sales Plumbing & Heating

Distribution Products – Outside Plumbing Sales: New England
Mark Troiano – Plumbing Sales Southeastern MA & Cape Cod
Lloyd Benjamin – Plumbing Sales New Hampshire, Maine & Northern MA
Tim Losty – Plumbing Sales Western MA & VT

Distribution Products – Outside Plumbing Sales: New York & Northern New Jersey
Dave Ziemba – Plumbing Sales Syracuse
Joe Marohn – Plumbing Sales Syracuse
Eric Cushing – Plumbing Sales Albany
Tim Mahon – Plumbing Sales Buffalo
Kevin Cocca – Trade Sales NJ
Adam Farrell – Wholesale & Trade Northern NJ
Mark Ammann – Trade NYC & Long Island
Joe Adornetti – Wholesale NYC & Long Island

Email Distribution HVAC Orders To:

Distribution Products – HVAC Sales: New England
Ralph Gates – HVAC Sales Manager
Peter Froment – Outside Sales

Email Distribution Electric Orders To:

Distribution Products – Electric Sales: New England
Bob Oppel – Sr. VP & Sales Manager
Matthew "Mel" Melberg – Inside Sales

Distribution Products – Electric Sales: Upstate New York
Al Hanson – Sales Manager
Bill Billman – Outside Sales Buffalo Area

Tom Brown – Sales Manager Showroom
Clinton Oxley – Outside Sales Showroom
Andrew Lewis – Outside Sales Showroom
Nancy Brown – Inside Sales Showroom

Applied Products – Heating Inside Sales
Chris Lawrence – AP Inside Sales Heating
Brandon Mayer – AP Inside Sales Heating

Applied Products – Heating Outsides Sales (New England)
Jim Simas – VP & Sales Manager Applied Products – Heating
Tim Eaton – AP Heating Sales, Metro Boston, North Shore & Southern NH
Pat Carrabino – AP Heating Sales, Connecticut
Corey Merchant – AP Heating Sales, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine
Mike Oppel – AP Heating Sales, Boston area
Matt Silvernail – AP Engineering Sales, Boston area

Applied Products – Plumbing Inside Sales
Elly Skube – AP Inside Sales Plumbing
Thom Julian – AP Inside Sales Plumbing

Applied Products – Plumbing Outside Sales (New England)
Bob Pink, Jr. – Sales Manager Applied Products – Plumbing
Pat Shea – AP Plumbing Sales, Southeastern MA & RI
Mark Orgettas – AP Plumbing Sales, Greater Boston area
Andy Turco – AP Plumbing Sales, New Hampshire
Kevin Long – AP Plumbing Sales, Connecticut & Western MA

Commercial Sales Management
Jeffrey Dirksen – Sr. VP Engineered Products

Engineered Products Commercial Outside Sales – Randolph Office
Jamie Goodrich – EP Sales Greater Boston & S. Shore
Chris Wilson – EP Sales Greater Boston & N. Shore
Steven Babin – EP Sales Metro Boston
Bill Arscott – EP Sales Eastern MA
Mike Tobin – EP Sales Western MA & Vermont
Matt Smith – EP Sales New Hampshire
Reid Goodrich – EP Sales New Hampshire
Kelly Sauberlich – EP Sales Maine
Tim Simpson – EP Sales Maine
Jason Bessette – EP Sales Connecticut
Eli Wirtes – EP Sales Connecticut, Vermont & Western MA
Nick Togneri – EP Sales Connecticut, Vermont
Russell Longuemare – EP Service Division Manager
Joe Kijowski – EP Sales Plumbing Booster & Fire Pumps

Engineered Products Commercial Outside Sales – Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania & Southern Ohio
Tom Snyder – EP Sales Upstate
Bob Barczak – EP Sales Buffalo/Rochester
Todd Strong – EP Sales Albany
Andy Hickey – EP Sales Syracuse

Engineered Products Commercial Inside Sales – Randolph, Portland, ME & Buffalo Offices
Christian Anastasia – Manager Inside EP Sales
Maureen Humphrey – EP Sales Administrative Assistant
Sheryl Stracqualursi – Inside EP Sales
Maribeth Silvernail – Inside EP Sales
Mark ”Mitch” Inside EP Sales
Tim MacDonald – Inside EP Sales
John Buchanan – Inside EP Sales
Mike Generelli – Inside EP Sales
Josh Williams – Inside EP Sales
Tom Willmott – Inside EP Sales
Carlton Allen – Inside EP Sales
Thomas Cooper – Inside EP Sales
Scott Verissimo – Inside EP Sales
Dan Kelley – Inside EP Sales
Gregory Frank – Inside EP Sales
Ted Gregoriadis – Inside EP Sales
Robert Wolf – Inside EP Sales
Tammy Stetz – Inside EP Sales, Buffalo Office
Stephen Hise – Inside EP Sales, Buffalo Office
Russ Zuppelli – Inside EP Sales, Buffalo Office

Engineered Products Commercial Sales – Greater Toronto Area
Please visit

Joann Newell – Controller
Joan Dalia – Accounting Manager
Janice Lannan – Accounts Payable Vendors
Maureen Kelleher – Accounts Payable
Jane Hall – Accounts Receivable and Collections

Ken Fagan – Sr. VP Business Development
Judi Lapides-Goldberg – Department Assistant
Noel Kelly – New Business Manager
Bryan Freedman – Marketing/Pricing Manager
Cheryl Murphy – Literature Department
Kevin Shea – Trainer

Address: 55 Pacella Park Drive, Randolph, MA 02368 | Directions

Andrew Stephens – Distribution Center Manager
Susan Morgan – Warehouse Administrator
Rick Deforest – Warehouse Supervisor
Jim Hunter – Warehouse Supervisor – Receiving Department
Jim Mumford – Warehouseman
Marc Tatelbaum – Warehouseman
Tim Wartinbee – Warehouseman
Randy Glatt – Warehouseman
Andrew Pham – Warehouseman
Greg Heiskell – Warehouseman
Tom Clark – Warehouseman
William Gorman III – Warehouseman
Kevin Beeson – Warehouseman
Robert Courbron – Warehouseman
Robert Davy – Warehouseman
Dave Cohen – Warehouseman
Dave McNeil – Warehouseman Supervisor – Night Shift
Scott Peach – Warehouseman – Night Shift
Tim Polak – Pump Assembly
Tary Gordon – Pump Assembly

Facilities Services
Mike Crosta – Administrative Services

Leo Egan – Director Management Information Services
Mike Fahy – Manager Information Services
Aman Said – Systems Analyst, Network Administrator
Kevin Smith – Systems Analyst, Network Administrator

Mike Lamoureux – Purchasing Manager
Eileen Searles – Assistant Purchasing Manager

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Eileen Searles – Department Manager
Tracey Langdeau – Support Services, Alpha A-F
Barbara Bouzan – Support Services, Alpha G-L
Ellen McCauley – Support Services, Alpha M-R
Nardia Charitable – Support Services, Alpha S-Z
Nadine Downey– Support Services
Gina DiVirgilio – Support Services
Rhonda Shifman – Switchboard Operator/Receptionist
Alicia Lopes – Switchboard Operator/Receptionist
Linda Palaza – Support Services Assistant
Carol Geary – Assistant to AP & DP Departments